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Time to get that clutter out of the cupboard

Is your home filled with an unneccesarry amount of useless household items and junk that you continually procrastinate ridding yourself of?  Have run out of storage space? Or perhaps you just need to rid of some items because you’re moving to a smaller home or condo-apartment complex and just don’t have the space to keep it all?  Sound like your situation?  Then it’s time to call A.C. Moving & Storage & Delivery Ltd. so we can help you get yourself organized again and back in control, with our Downsizing and Decluttering service.  


We will provide you with a helpful hand to help clean up, organize and rearrange items, or even have some of your belongings taken to other locations such as; another family member’s home, donation centre, the dump or recycling centre, or we can even keep it in one of our storage facilities.  With our help, your home will be downsized and decluttered in no time.   So call us today at (905)275-1220 and get that Clutter out of your Cupboad.