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Dump that junk

Junk Removal

Overtime we tend to accumulate items in our home and if we don’t have a plan to get rid of them they will eventually build up and take up an enormous amount of space.  Does this sound like your home?  Then why not give A.C. Moving & Storage & Delivery Ltd. a ring?  We have all necessary equipment needed to dump your junk, once and for all!!! We will have the vehicles, equipment and man power to help you clean out your home.

Old Furniture Removal

Have you recently purchased new pieces of furniture and need to get rid of the old ones? Or perhaps you’ve have furniture stored away in the basement or attic, that you have kept “just in case” you needed it, but never did?  Time to call A.C.  We will finally help you rid of that old furniture, that has only been taken up valuable space in your home.


Whatever your needs we’re here to help and we will beat any other written estimate made by another company.