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Residential moving that will give you piece of mind

A.C. Moving & Storage and Delivery Ltd. has been in the residential moving business for over twenty years.  It’s our bread and butter service.  Our goal is to make your residential move as stress-free and hassle-free as possible.  Using our savvy experience and moving techniques gathered throughout the years, we will organize, pack, load, delivery and set up your precious belongings at your new dwelling with our out most care, while removing the stress and usual headaches involved with moving.  This gives you more time to concentrate on other aspects of the move, like the design of your new home, signing up the kids for the upcoming school year or a chance to get started on the gardening and landscaping.  There is already so much to think about during a relocation, let the experts at A.C. take care of the move while you take care of the rest.  Get piece of mind today by calling us at (905) 275-1220 or by clicking on the “Get a Free quote” button.