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Better Safe then Sorry

A.C. Moving & Storage & Delivery Ltd. understands that sometimes in life we’re faced with a unique set of circumstances and challenges.  Like for instance when moving from a home without having found a replacement home yet or when your current home is being renovated.  You’ll most likely need a place to store your valuables in. It’s times like these when a safe, affordable and reliable storage service can make all the difference. That’s where we can come into play.  We have an excellent array of storage facilities, which we offer in many different sizes, for both short or long-term stays and all at a more affordable rate then a public storage facility.  Our clients have been extremely happy utilizing our storage services for many many years.  What’s even better is that we’ll come pack it up, load it and delivery it to the facilties, removing you with the hassle.


So next time you’re dealt with a situation where storage is needed just remember A.C. and let us take care of your most treasured goods.  We’ll keep them safely stored for you, whether it’s for days, weeks or months.